ammonia plant design

The outcome gives you great understanding being an assistant for first year apprenticeship. 

The outcome is an advanced understanding in practical air conditioning and refrigeration

The outcome is a perfect technician for installing new plants as well as repairing, faultfinding and maintenance for commercial refrigeration plants

The outcome is for supervisors and company owners as well as designers, designing their own plants for special applications on commercial and industrial refrigeration
Ammonia course

The outcome of the ammonia diploma is for operators, supervisors and designers working in the field of ammonia refrigeration

ammonia plant design

The outcome of the ammonia plant design course is for a comprehensive study in ammonia plant design, designing a full ammonia plant on a theoretical bases.

ammonia plant design

The program is designed for the first year apprenticeship. The outcome is a perfect assistant working efficiently with the Technician and is an asset to be employed.

New installations on cold rooms and refrigeration plants, Servicing maintenance, repair, faultfinding, improvements for energy savings.

For the supervisors, plant operators and plant designers. Including commercial and industrial refrigeration, secondary cooling and CO2 plants.

For technicians, supervisors and designers working in the Air-Conditioning industry for heating and cooling on central Air-Conditioning plants.

Ammonia course
For people working in ammonia. Technicians, supervisors, operators and designers. Ammonia industrial plants are used for cold stores, dairies, breweries.
ammonia plant design

The outcome of the ammonia plant design is during your training at OTTC we will teach you how to design various complete refrigeration and cooling plants.

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Open Trade Training Centre

Open Trade Training Centre (OTTC) is a leading training provider of commercial and industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning in South Africa.

The OTTC was founded in 1992 by Peter and Isolde Döbelin.

Their dream was to address the shortage of vocational skills training in the South African refrigeration and air-conditioning industry.

Therefore OTTC’s mission is to transfer relevant technical knowledge and work skills to workers, practitioners, entrepreneurs and employers alike.

Today OTTC is renowned for its training excellence locally, internationally and also in the neighbouring countries.

Close to five thousand participants have attended the popular industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning training courses at OTTC in Springs, Gauteng, South Africa.

For many years now German international standards are renowned to be of the highest in the world.

We at OTTC have chosen to support these values and standards and to implement them into our curriculum.

Sponsor Companies

The OTTC team lead by Isolde Döbelin would like to say thank you for your generous sponsorships.

With your contribution we have built a German-standard CO2 refrigeration training plant.

This and the OTTC lecturer’s expertise has enabled us to teach German-standard technology to our students.

You have helped bring the OTTC training centre to the next level.
Thank you.


OTTC students learning and enjoying it!

We have a AM Plant Design course coming up on the 30th of March, to enroll now

Presented by Kurt Johannsen

OTTC has redesigned the whole Refrigeration Diploma Courses and implemented the German Trade Standards.
We also cater for the National South African Trade Test and NQF Standards which will be included and allocated in these programs.

Part of this program are the OTTC Ammonia Diploma courses to upgrade unemployed engineers for the OTTC Ammonia Technician. Giving them a chance to find employment immediately.

We would like to start this pilot programs with unemployed young engineers and school leavers.
I wonder if your company could join us and support this program?

If you are interested we will send you the the full program.

For more information please email us at

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Developing our skills together

The OTTC family of educators encourages each student to team up to enjoy project work as we want all our students to walk away proud.

To have learned and achieved the goals we set out together.

All OTTC courses are practical as well as theoretical.

Our courses offer a good compromise between the continuous academic knowledge and the practical (Technical) application of that knowledge so that our students are well rounded in their understanding. In fact, we have had many students placed in the industry directly because of their acknowledged skills.

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Our courses offer a good compromise between practical and theoretical.

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OTTC – Technical Diploma


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we are the best in the business and would like you to join us.

We hope you have a special and great day.

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We Want To Say "Thank you!"

This “thank you” follows all of our students home and abroad and sends you the best of wishes – you have been both aspiring students and good people.

We work hard to prepare every student for their professional life

Our courses offer a knowledgeable and practical approach to providing our students the best opportunity to excel in their respective industries. 

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