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This beginners course will establish your strong understanding of the basics

This Diploma will qualify you to be an invaluable practitioner in your industry

This Diploma will establish a great foundation in management as a Technician


This Diploma will qualify you in ammonia and put you in the top ranks as a technician

  • Air Conditioning Diploma
  • Ammonia Certication
  • Ammonia Diploma

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Open Trade Training Centre

Open Trade Training Centre (OTTC) is a leading training provider of commercial and industrial refrigeration, and air-conditioning training in South Africa. Founded in 1992 by Peter and Isolde Döbelin to address the shortage of vocational skill training in the South African refrigeration and air-conditioning industry, the company’s mission is to transfer relevant technical knowledge and work skills to workers, practitioners, entrepreneurs and employers alike.

Today OTTC is renowned for its training excellence locally, internationally and in the neighboring countries. Close to five thousand participants have attended the popular industrial refrigeration training courses at OTTC in Springs, South Africa.

For many years now the German international standards have been found renowned as some of the highest in the world. We at OTTC have chosen to support these values and standards and implement them into our curriculum.

The OTTC team and Isolde Döbelin would like to say thank you for your generous sponsorships to build a German-standard CO2 refrigeration training plant. With your contribution and Christian Richter’s expertise we can transfer German-standard technology to our students. This has brought the OTTC training centre to the next level. Thank you.


Upcoming Events

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World Skills – Russia,

The 45th WorldSkills Competition will be held at the KAZAN EXPO International Exhibition Centre in Kazan, Russia in August 2019. www.worldskills.org    
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August 23

Project Building

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Unique Projects

World Skills

Project based education

Developing our skills together

The OTTC family of educators encourages each student to team up all the while enjoying project work. We want all our students to walk away proudly having learned and achieved the goals we set together.

Our Courses

Our courses offer a good compromise between the continuous academic knowledge and the practical (Technical) application of that knowledge so that our students are well rounded in their understanding. In fact, we have had many students placed in the industry directly because of their acknowledged skills.

OTTC Practical Diploma Plants 2019

OTTC – Practical Diploma


Precondition: OTTC Beginners Program for Refrigeration & AC or equivalent to prior learning.For the perfect Technician for commercial refrigeration to do:New installations

Technical Diploma

OTTC – Technical Diploma


Precondition: OTTC Practical Diploma, or equivalent.For the supervisors, plant operators and plant designer.Including commercial and industrial refrigeration, secondary cooling and CO2 plants

OTTC Ammonia Training Plant

OTTC – Ammonia Diploma


OTTC Ammonia Diploma Specialized program: for people working in ammonia, technician, supervisor, operator, and designer. Ammonia Industrial Plants are used for

Courses are being updated


The courses are being updated. Click on our "CONTACT" tab for us to send you the updated info as it happens

Our Teachers

Our teachers are not only passionate about their job, they are also well qualified with a proven record in their ability to train and equip each student. They are purposed to assist you in achieving the qualification that will set you apart from your peers.

We work hard to prepare every student for their profession

Our courses offer a knowledgeable and practical  approach  to providing our students the best opportunity to excel in their respective industries.