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Open Trade Training Centre (OTTC), is the leading training provider of commercial and industrial refrigeration courses & refrigeration training. 

Including Air-Conditioning and Ammonia.

OTTC Refrigeration Course Content and Training

Theoretical and Practical

The OTTC refrigeration courses are specialized for theoretical as well as practical training.

Refrigeration courses and the Ammonia course at OTTC are given with the highest quality learning material and the best lecturers.

Also have the best tailored air-conditioning training for air-conditioning services, duct cleaning and installation.

ammonia refrigeration training

OTTC – Ammonia Diploma

Ammonia Refrigeration Training During the ammonia course for the ammonia refrigeration training diploma OTTC will

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OTTC Refrigeration Training

ammonia plant design

The program is designed for the first year apprenticeship. The outcome is a perfect assistant working efficiently with the Technician and is an asset to be employed.

New installations on cold rooms and refrigeration plants, Servicing maintenance, repair, faultfinding, improvements for energy savings.

For the supervisors, plant operators and plant designers. Including commercial and industrial refrigeration, secondary cooling and CO2 plants.

For technicians, supervisors and designers working in the Air-Conditioning industry for heating and cooling on central Air-Conditioning plants.

Ammonia learning

For people working in ammonia. Technicians, supervisors, operators and designers. Ammonia industrial plants are used for cold stores, dairies, breweries.

ammonia plant design

The outcome of the ammonia plant design is during your training at OTTC we will teach you how to design various complete refrigeration and cooling plants.

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Some outlines on our refrigeration course content and refrigeration training

In the Beginners course you’ll be introduced to a course like:

Metal Basic1B:

Production processes: molding, forming, separating, adding foundations of mathematics and SI-Units.

In our Maintenance course you’ll learn:

Practical Electrical 1:

Single-phase alternating current:

Basic electrical components (isolator switch, circuit breaker, contactor, relays, lights, switches): basics of types, construction and function.

Basics of electrical circuits(on/off circuit, etc.)

Basics of electrical circuits for refrigeration systems (load and control circuit, safety chain)B

In the Practical Diploma(Hvac courses)

You will learn things like:


Mechanical servicing of compressors, repair & overhaul skills, fault identification.

Belt drives, pulley alignment. Bearing service, Couplings, Key and Locking Devices.

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You can reach us via phone: 011 816 2580 or 011 366 1219

Email: info@ottc.co.za or jacoba@ottc.co.za

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Developing our skills together

Our family of educators encourages each student to team up to enjoy project work as we want all our students to walk away proud.

To have learned and achieved the goals we set out together.

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We Want To Say "Thank you!"

This “thank you” follows all of our students home and abroad and sends you the best of wishes – you have been both aspiring students and good people.