Air-Condition Courses

For the Air-Conditioning courses featured in our diploma.

We teach you the principles of air conditioning.

Open Trade Training Center teaches you the main components as well as the measurement of equipment for air conditions.

We also teach you the psychometric intro, air humid handling as well as processes and equipment.

What you will learn:

With our air conditioning courses we will teaches you how to do advanced air volume calculations and sizing of Air-Conditioning systems.

We also teach you Air-Conditioning project design and calculations.

You learn heat load and humidity load calculations as well as the comfort zone as well as requirements for the room conditions.


During the practical part of our OTTC air conditioning courses OTTC teaches you to plot, manufacture and installation of the complete duct system.

We also teach you connection of boxes, fans, air-grilles and dampers.

OTTC training teaches you advanced manufacturing.

Our Air Conditioning courses will give you:

OTTC will give you the servicing skills you will need. You will be able to measure air-volume as well as control air-flow.

At the end of the course you are able to:

Lay-out and do the design and controlling of air-handling units with mixed chambers, as well as filters and fans.

You know how to control heat ex-changers as well as the air distribution like duct design and plant design also tuning.

Heat load and humidity load calculations.

After the courses you will do the Air-Conditioning Technical Diploma Test