OTTC – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning for beginners

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OTTC – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning for beginners


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OTTC Refrigeration & Air-conditioning for beginners is a program designed for the first year apprenticeship. The outcome is a perfect assistant working efficiently with a technician and is an asset to employ.

For the OTTC Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning for beginners course we teach you five modules.

Module one: Teaches you health and safety, practical tool skills and measuring. Also production processes like molding, forming, separating and adding foundation of mathematics and SI units.

We also teach you reading and drawing technical drawings, as well as fits, waves and bearings. During practical production OTTC teaches you cutting, filling as well as drilling and threading. Also riveting and much more. We also teach you welding and arc-welding. Also manufacturing frames and channel systems.

Module two: Teaches you theory and practice about copper pipe work. For instance cutting and deburring. OTTC also teaches you bending brazing (with soft solder, hard solder and silver solder). As well as flaring, bracket building and insulation.

We teach you building of a refrigeration plant and pressure test. We also include the practical test for Met-B and RPI courses.

Module 3: During this module OTTC teaches you the mechanical principals of refrigeration cycles and components.We also teach you placement of components as well as functions of components. For practical we demonstrate and teach you safe handling of refrigerants.

Module 4: OTTC teaches you physical electricity basics in refrigeration as well as single and three phase systems.Also single and three phase motors. We teach you about starters and pressure as well as temperature controllers.You learn wiring diagrams for electromechanical controlling. 

We teach you plant protection and motor managements. Also suction control as well as defrost control. This module includes learning electronic motor management and also teaches you electronic cold room controllers. 

Module 5: You learn how to dismantle and assemble Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration equipment. You learn how to remove and install as well as service bearings. You learn to use, service and maintain tools and instruments. 

We teach you elementary air-flow measurements and calculations. You will be able to make drawings and sketches.

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