OTTC- Junior Technician Course

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OTTC- Junior Technician Course

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Refrigeration Junior Technician

Pre-requisites for this course at OTTC are basic literacy and numeracy, courses are presented in English.

OTTC teaches you metal basic during this course. As well as health and safety, practical tool skills and measuring, you also learn production processes. 

We teach the foundations of mathematics and SI-Units. You learn reading and drawing of technical drawings.
At OTTC we teach practical production including cutting, filing as well as drilling and threading also rivet etc.

OTTC teaches you welding and arc welding also manufacturing frames and all about channel-systems.

During our refrigeration pipe installation courses we teach copper pipe work. You learn cutting, deburring and bending as well as pipe connection by flaring. 

OTTC also teaches pipe connection by fittings and swagging, as well as brazing of copper pipes with soft solder, copper solder also silver solder. You learn pipe installation, bracket building and insulating as well as fire protection.

For the plant building course OTTC teaches you building of a refrigeration plant including pressure test, also brazing of refrigeration components.

During the next part of the course you will learn practical refrigeration and electrical skills.

At OTTC we teach single stage refrigeration cycle, reading and connecting of services gauges also practical measurements on refrigeration plants. You learn types of refrigerants.

We teach basic types of piston compressors also construction and function there of. As well as fin and tube heat exchanger (evaporators and condensers), basics of types, the construction, function and setting of super heat.

We teach you of additional components like liquid receiver, filter dryer and sight glass, also solenoid valve, pressure switches and thermostats. 

The basics of type, construction and function also setting of pressure switches as well as basics of defrost and basics of settings of the electronic cold room controllers.

OTTC’s practical electrical course teaches single-phase alternating current, basic electrical components like isolator switch, circuit breaker and contactor. 

Also relays, lights and switches. The basics of types as well as construction and function. Basics of electrical circuits (on/off circuit, etc.) Including basics of electrical circuits for refrigeration systems, load and control circuit and safety chain.

We teach you three-phase alternating current and the connection of single and three-phase motors. You learn of faults in electrical systems also protection of electrical systems as in earthing and earth leakages.

Our AC-Service course teaches you to dismantle and assemble AC equipment including use and maintaining of service tools and instruments. You learn elementary air-flow measurements and calculations as well as drawings and sketches.

OTTC also teaches a plant building course. We teach you building and commissioning of a refrigeration plant with pre-wired panel. You learn about pressure test and evacuating also writing of logbooks as well as fault finding on refrigeration plants.

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