OTTC – Practical Diploma

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OTTC – Practical Diploma


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“EDUCATION, the best investment you’ll ever make”.
OTTC Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning courses, make the choice now!
Consider a future in this trade and be one of the few who would most likely never be unemployed again.

The OTTC Beginners course for Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning or equivalent prior learning.

For the perfect Technician for commercial refrigeration to do:
You start with MET-B metal-basics and RPI pipe installations. New installations on cold rooms and refrigeration plants. Servicing maintenance, repair, fault finding, improvements for energy savings. Still working under supervision including all requirements to do a trade test on international levels.

Our OTTC Practical Diploma course and Apprenticeship Program is designed as a 26 week course. It can be spread over the full contract period (3.5 years) or full time for two terms of 13 weeks each.
After the first 13 weeks you are a fully competent assistant and employable.

You should then work and gain the experience to apply what you have learnt. The second term i.e. week 14 to 26 at OTTC includes all theoretical and practical knowledge. You will now be able to install, repair and do maintenance. Also fault finding and commissioning of a commercial refrigeration plant.

Thereafter complete your contract term for your employer. Gain the necessary experience, then apply for a trade test.
Our Practical Diploma the best in learning refrigeration and air conditioning courses.

Thank you to all of our sponsors.

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