OTTC – Technical Diploma

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OTTC – Technical Diploma


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OTTC – Technical Diploma. This diploma is set to the new German pilot program 2019 and designed by Christian Richter.

OTTC Practical Diploma, or equivalent.

Ottc teaches supervisors, plant operators and plant designers so they can qualify for this diploma.

The Ottc technical diploma course includes commercial and industrial refrigeration and secondary cooling. Also CO2 plants for supermarkets and cold stores that are non ammonia plants.

We teach you to calculate the heat load of a cold room. You will know how to establish the operating conditions in the refrigeration system. As well as the calculation of the refrigeration system by the log, p h diagram and the property tables.

You learn sizing of components like compressors and heatexchangers. 

As well as pipes, etc.

You are able to calculate the amount of refrigerant loss on a leak.
Ottc teaches you how to design electrical components and wires. Also the rules and laws about refrigeration. As well as the rules and laws of electrical systems.

For the secondary cooling 2 course we teach you designing of hydraulic systems. Also sizing of pumps.
You learn designing of subcritical and transcritical CO2 plants.
We teach you how to draw flow charts. As well as electrical schematics of refrigeration systems.

You learn writing of logbooks and the building and commissioning of a refrigeration plant. Also fault finding on refrigeration plants.

The Technical Diploma is gained after the theoretical and practical test.

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